Wedding Video Revisions | Keep Customers Happy Without Losing Money

How To Handle Video Revisions Without Losing Money and Keeping Customers Happy.

Have you ever delivered the most amazing wedding film to your client only to hear the dreaded words “I love my film but…..”? You’re not alone. I’ve had revision requests for 15 years. I’ve had all types of clients request them. Difficult ones, easy going ones, micro-managers, laid back ones, you name it. Sometimes we go a long time before we get requests and sometimes it feels like every other film gets them. This is the final stage in your customer’s experience. The goal for successful companies is to deliver an experience that meets or exceeds the customers expectations. But how do wedding videographers do this and still make the profit they deserve? Here are some things that will minimize the revision request.

Communication Is Key

There are many opportunities to lose sight of what the customer is expecting.  Make sure you check every step and ask yourself if you are doing everything you can to be on the same page. Here are stages to check expectation:

  • Sales Process – Do not complete the sale if you cannot deliver on their vision. Ask the customer what they envision.
  • Pre Production – You should always have a pre-production meeting with the customer. This is to keep you aligned with their vision and help you get everything you need to deliver your best film. Learn more about Pre-Production
  • Production – During filming, you should already have an idea of what is most important to your customer. If you do not, you did poorly during pre-production. This is your opportunity to capture everything they expect.
  • Post Production – Are you creating what they saw during the sales process? What if you start doing lots of slow motion this year, but last year when they booked you did not. This could become a problem. What if you didn’t talk about music, this could lead to different expectations.

There are always situations where a customer will have an unreasonable request. “My brother’s girlfriends was in the yellow dress but they broke up. Can you take her out of the video?” There is no way you could have known this so we must put this responsibility on the customer. They should have told you during the editing process. They should not assume you know this.

Being Tough vs. Being A Push Over

You should never be too tough or too much of pushover. The key here is to find the right balance. If you are too tough you risk hurting your companies reputation over the long run. If you are too much of a push over you risk losing profits over the year. So, how do filmmakers protect themselves? I’ll give you tricks to consider and you can form your own policy based on your core values and company vision.

How Wedding Filmmakers Handle Revisions

Technical Issues
All technical issues should be fixed with no questions asked. This could be a defective media device, misspelled name, or glitch in the film.

Too Strict
No one wants to lose money but sometimes this policy can backfire over time. If a customer does not agree with the reasoning behind the revision fee, they may share poor reviews on your Facebook page or other 3rd party wedding sites that can be easily found online. Consider your reputation.

Push Over
If you always roll over and give in to anything the customer asks you will end up losing a lot of money over the long haul. Sometimes this can lead to some customers taking advantage of your laid-back approach and you could end up paying to produce the wedding.

In this situation you hold your ground and abide by your contract, but depending on the situation you can be flexible. I believe most of us follow this method. It allows you to keep good customer relations, but may cost some money in the process. It’s all in how you balance the game.

Example email from a wedding video client about revisions

Example email from a wedding video client about revisions

Our Method

Build Into Cost
The way we look at it is that revisions are a cost. Like any other overhead, you need to build cost into your products. We base our cost on the total amount of time we spend on all revisions in a given year. Then divide it by the amount of weddings we do each year.

Our Revision Policy [Wedding Film Contract]

When watching your film for the first time please make sure there are no technical errors. After delivery PLP needs to be informed within 14 days. Any changes that are deemed by PLP to be subjective or creative will be billed $250 for up to an hour of re-editing, $100/hr after 1st hour. After 14 days of delivery an additional $500.00 will be charged to re-capture footage.

Do you have different ways of dealing with revisions? Leave your suggestions, questions and comments below.


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  • Jason Silzle
    August 11, 2016 (4:29 am)

    Some great ideas here Adam, nice job bud 🙂

  • Gary Rush
    August 29, 2016 (3:09 pm)

    Great read, we feel clients choose us as they like our creative content they see looking forward to they wedding video. Technical errors are understandable, odd how some clients take awhile to watch their wedding videos.

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