Using the Rode VideoMic Pro Microphone with Canon 5dmkiii – Best Setting

Most filmmakers I talk to set their DSLR to auto when using the Rode Mic. Even I used to set the camera to auto years ago (with my 5dmk2) because it was too much to worry about monitoring and shooting. Now I’ve changed my tune and found a great setting to get much better audio. This video explains how I setup the RØDE VideoMic Pro microphone with the Canon 5dmkiii Camera for the cleanest signal.

These microphones are not for every application but for those shooting weddings, run-and-gun, or documentary on-the-fly filming, this is a great option for clean audio.
Make sure you stay within 10 feet or less of your subject for best results. The closer the better

3 Replies to "Using the Rode VideoMic Pro Microphone with Canon 5dmkiii - Best Setting"

  • George Salajean
    July 29, 2016 (4:34 pm)

    Hi Adam, I’m watching all the videos about audio and more. Your videos are great. Any tips on audio with Canon C100, Rode Mic NTG 2? Also how about Sony ICD-PX333 with Sony ECMCS3 mic? Thank you.

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