Writing: 3 Essential Tricks to Get Started

Writing is hard. It doesn't matter if you are writing a commercial script, documentary outline, blog or an original film. Writing is hard. It’s a solitary and lonely process that can be discouraging at the best of times. You will fight constant self doubt and the strong urge to give up. It’s also likely that the first few things you write will be bad. Still want to be a writer? If so I have good news. If you dedicate the kind of time you did to learning filmmaking, you will do fine. 1. Putting in the Time If you are writing a script you need to treat it with the ...

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6 Kick Ass Apps To Help You Write Better

Whether you are working on a blog post or a commercial, documentary or narrative film script using the right apps can completely change how you write. When I’m in the groove my time writing flies by. It’s getting into that rhythm that's the problem. For me, the biggest obstacles are external distractions (social media, blogs) and internal ones (phantom hunger, mind wandering etc.) Once I get past these then I deal with my tendency to repeat the same words and how to take my unorganized thoughts and make them one coherent thing. Over the years I’ve acquired several ...

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