Wedding Video Revisions | Keep Customers Happy Without Losing Money

How To Handle Video Revisions Without Losing Money and Keeping Customers Happy. Have you ever delivered the most amazing wedding film to your client only to hear the dreaded words "I love my film but....."? You're not alone. I've had revision requests for 15 years. I've had all types of clients request them. Difficult ones, easy going ones, micro-managers, laid back ones, you name it. Sometimes we go a long time before we get requests and sometimes it feels like every other film gets them. This is the final stage in your customer's experience. The goal for successful ...

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Understanding How To Grow Your Wedding Video Business (Or Any Business)

There is a philosophy that motivates growth for almost everything in life. It’s made up of 2 phases, exploring and settling. In the video below I explain it as growing (exploring) and settling in (settling) but you'll get the point. You can describe this concept in many ways, but lets put it in terms of how to grow your wedding business. Exploring Phase (grow) The exploring phase is the idea that we look to learn and re-invent ourselves. We strive to set ourselves apart so that we can own our style and attract customers that love our style. This process ...

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