Using the RODELink Wireless Filmmaker Kit

I had a chance to check out the RODELink Wireless Filmmaker Kit with a Canon 5D Mark III during a band shoot we were filming. This was literally the first time we opened the RODELink box because we didn’t have time to play with it before hand. We knew we would have a little downtime while the band was setting up so we decided to open up the box then. Surprisingly, we had it up and running within 5-10 minutes. The instructions and interface were pretty straight forward coming from other wireless audio devices. Below you will find the actual settings we used. The audio on this tutorial is recorded directly from the RODELink into the DSLR so you can hear for yourself. Feel free to comment below with your feedback or questions.

The receiver connects to your camera via cold-show mount and plus into your camera via 1/8″ audio jack. The first thing you need to do is turn on both units and sync them together. What this means is that they both get connected to the same frequency. To do this all that you need to do is hold both buttons on the front of the units at the same time. After a few seconds they connect and you ready to go. Learn more about RODELink Wireless

  • DUAL DIVERSITY: They also have a feature called dual diversity which allows the wireless to continuously scan 2 frequencies at the same time and switch instantly between them ensuring the strongest signal.
  • RANGE: Approx. 300 feet

Canon 5D Mark III: manual audio one click from the left
RODELink TX unit: +20dB
RODELink RX unit: -10dB

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