What are people saying about Adam Forgione, the educator

 Philip Bloom

“Audio is as important if not more important than video and if you don’t know what you are doing in that area all your hard work with the image is wasted. Adam breaks down everything you need to know into understandable, coherent sections which by the end of his seminar will leave you much the wiser, more confident  and ready to record great sound! He is a fantastic teacher who clearly loves what he teaches and that comes across making it a pleasure to listen to!”

 Vincent Laforet

“I learned more about audio during a 2 hour presentation from Adam Forgione than I had learned in the past 3 years combined. Adam is a natural speaker who fully engages his audience and also manages to demystify some highly technical information in terms that we all can understand.   His presentation was incredibly well prepared with relevant examples and was quite entertaining as well.”

Jeff Bradt Video LLC

“I learned a ton about the technical stuff, got confirmation that I was already doing some things right, but most of all I was inspired by your passion. You are a genuine guy with a big heart and that comes through loud and clear.”

Doug Lewis

“After attending Pennylane Productions Mastering DSLR Weddings and Killer Highlight Reels in Orlando in April. Take One Productions made the leap to DSLR video and WOW!! Adam’s presentation gave me and my company the courage to make the leap into filming DSLR. With everything I learned from Adam, I’ve doubled my business this year”

Lubomyr Lou Kulynych

“Watching Adam Forgione’s DSLR Wedding Work shops and Wedding Highlights. Adam is an wedding industry leader, he is an awesome filmmaker, presenter and mentor. Can’t wait to see your short form workshop.”

Justin Joslin

“Your a huge inspiration to myself as well as the people I work with who shoot DSLR video!”

David Ruby

“Adam Forgione has been a true inspiration to our business. We have been a traditional video company for 12 years and finding Adam was a breath of fresh air. We adopted some of his ideas and have now gotten more exposure and produce a very beautiful dslr wedding video. You get stale after awhile and begin to ponder what and where your going. Adam was the “where ya goin”. He stimulated our senses into seeing what a video could and should be. The best combination to come along in our business. Pennylane Productions and Dslr cameras. Period.”

Andy Moody of CinemaElegance

“Over the past few years we’ve been moving from that starting point in the filmmaker business where you barely know anything, your work stinks, and you have WAY too much to learn into the place that we are now.  I will be the first to admit that we have definitely not “arrived” as filmmakers.  There is so much that we don’t know as well as so much we can learn from other people.  Throughout this time we’ve been blessed to have experienced our eyes being opened by many talented people in this industry.  Many of them are great friends of ours and some don’t even know we exist.  Still it has been the willingness of these teachers to share what they know that has allowed us to grow from nothing into a creative group always trying to improve our craft.

This past year I had the opportunity to hear Adam Forgione speak at the INFocus conference in New Orleans.  There were tremendous teachers there who openly shared their knowledge with us, but Adam resonated with me on a basic level.  It’s probably my musician background that made that connection first, but watching his presentation and enthusiasm obviously sealed the deal.   Information is one thing.  Energy is another.  At one point he was talking about the use of music in your edits.  Soon we were watching Adam direct how he would fit visuals to a piece of music in real time.  As we listened to the music he was rattling off shot after shot that he would use to create his filmic vision.  I was inspired not only by his knowledge but by his excitement in creating something from nothing.  His drive was to be awe inspiring and to bring us along for the ride.

I learned much that day and since then have taken in more of his teaching sessions online.  His style might have influenced what we are starting to do now, but it’s that energy and creative drive that has helped  move us to a better level of filmmaking.  I can sense the same creativity flowing through our work now that I used to have playing music for a live audience.  I’ve always needed that to take me to the next level.  It’s the essence of a spark for me.

If you ever get the opportunity to experience one of Adam’s workshops definitely take advantage.  You’ll walk away with alot of information, a better grasp of your craft, and perhaps  (most importantly) that spark that lights your fire to be better than you are today.”

Ross Hamil

“After having lost over half of our household income due to a lay-off, I took the plunge into doing what I’ve wanted to do for years, which was filming weddings. After seeing Adam Forgione with Pennylane Productions, it has opened doors with information that would have taken years to discover on my own.”